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Gatsby Vintage - Vintage 1920s  to 1950s hairdressing in Twickenham, London

Besame Cosmetics

An exciting range of Bésame cosmetics are available to purchase in salon or contact us if you wish to purchase online.

Bésame Classic Color Lipstick

Tango Red
American Beauty
Exotic Pink
Noir Red
Enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe, there is a range of colours covering various vintage periods.

Bésame Red - 1920
Noir Red - 1930
Carmine - 1931
Merlot - 1933
Cherry Red - 1935
Tango Red - 1939
American Beauty - 1945
Red Velvet - 1946
Exotic Pink - 1955
Red Hot Red - 1959
Champagne - 1960
Coral - 1962
Portrait Pink - 1963
Debutante Pink - 1967
Dusty Rose - 1969
Chocolate Kiss - 1970

Bésame Classic Colour Lipstick £25

Souffle Foundation

This foundation provides outstanding coverage with a light and silky smooth texture for a flawless face. 
It can be used for full coverage as foundation or concealer.  
Fragrance and Paraben free.  It is packaged in vintage style cream glass jars in the five colours.

True Beige
Medium Beige
Yellow Cameo

Souffle Foundation £35

Bésame Cashmere Powder Compact

A silky soft powder foundation that offers smooth, flawless coverage.  The custom designed casing features an interchangeable magnetic base that can be refilled with your choice of shades.  Can be applied wet or dry and comes in an attractive red velvet pouch decorated with a gold Bésame emblem and puff applicator.  A matte formula with natural mica that gives the complexion a luminous, soft-focus radiance.  This velvet textured powder is enriched with vitamin C and formulated with natural zinc and titanium dioxide to shield skin against UV rays.  The powder is formulated without Parabens, is gluten-free, made in the USA and comes in 5 colours.


Bésame Cashmere Powder Compact £35
Bésame Cashmere Powder Compact £12.50

Thick and creamy it goes on silky smooth and really lasts.  Not sticky or runny, flavoured with sweet black Liquorice.  Deep colour with intense shine.

Bésame Black Liquorice Lip Glaze £18.50

Bésame Black Liquorice Lip Glaze

Bésame Rouge

Crimson Cream
Violet Brightening Powder
The rouge is packaged in a stunning vintage reproduction tin.  This concentrated cream give lips and cheeks a natural, weightless flush and blends beautifully into any skintone.  Apply the formula straight from the tin with your ring finger using light patting motions.

Apricot Cream Rouge - 1938
Crimson Cream Rouge - 1938

The brightening powder is a translucent violet powder that brightens any skintone. The finely milled formula sets makeup beautifully, leaving a soft, matte finish and a subtle violet fragrance. Wear it alone, over foundation, or around eyes to instantly lighten dark circles.

Bésame Rouge £22

Bésame Mascara

Bésame Cake mascara beautifies lashes and brows by making them appear longer, darker, more luxuriant.  Can be used as eyeliner for cat eye effect.  We've all experienced clumps and smudges while painting our lashes with wand mascara  but unlike ordinary wand mascara, cake mascara can be reapplied and layered upon without clumping; this means controlled depth and definition. Cake mascaras lasts until consumed and offers increased sanitary protection.

Black Cake Mascara - 1932
Brown Cake Mascara - 1932

Bésame Mascara £22
Gatsby Vintage - Vintage hairdressing including Bob in Twickenham, London
Gatsby Vintage - Vintage hairdressing including Victory Rolls in Twickenham, London
Gatsby Vintage - Vintage hairdressing including Beehive in Twickenham, London
Gatsby Vintage - Vintage hairdressing including Bob in Twickenham, London
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